What is hosting?

We have quite a few people coming into Brighton for the festival from out of town and overseas. If you live in Brighton and can spare a bed, blow up mattress, sofa, giant bean bag, or even just some floor space, then we would really love to hear from you! 

Not only do you make some new friends, but you get to share our lovely city with them, and then maybe even get to share theirs with them in the future!

Need a place to stay?

We will do our best to find hosts for our out of town visitors, if you need a place to stay then email us on and we will be in touch soon.

‘What do I need to offer as a host?’

You do not need to be registered for the festival in order to offer a visiting dancer a home. All you need to do as a host is offer a dancer somewhere to sleep for the duration of the festival. Somewhere to sleep, a friendly face, and maybe a cup of tea in the morning!

If you can offer hosting then email us on and we will be in touch soon.