Thank you to Lindy-Lizzie for an awesome few days at Brighton Lindy Hop festival! will definitely be back next year- Jack

Another fantastic festival. Thank you so much Lindy-Lizzie. Exceptional, targeted, teaching and so much learning opportunity, plus a great bunch of dancers made for a fabulous weekend. So glad you’re planning another! – Annie

Lizzie, what a wonderful weekend! So nice to dance with all you Brighton lot again, and I’m going back up north full of ideas and inspiration! Thank you so much for organising such a lovely event xxx – Suzie

Ah what a great weekend! I am very sad I didn’t get to dance with literally all of you lovely people, although I did try! Next year though… -Ellen

What a fab weekend! Thanks Lindy-Lizzie Abrahams for organising everything. Can’t wait for the next one now – Emma

We had a great time, met some lovely people, learnt so much in the workshops and we so enjoyed dancing with all the fab leads and follows. Many thanks to the teachers and thanks to Lizzie for organizing x – Linda

Thanks Lindy-Lizzie for putting on an awesome weekend and getting such fantastic teachers! – Harry

great weekend all togethere well done lizzie xx – Tabby

Thanks for a fantastic weekend Lindy-Lizzie! It was lovely to see everyone one again and see some new faces! – Saul

Thank you Lindy-Lizzie for organising such a wonderful weekend! I had so much fun with all the lovely dancers, and I still can’t believe you got Lennart there, it was incredible! – Ella

The festival is done for another year and I’m broken but extremely happy, thanks everyone for all the sweeeeet dances grin emoticon

Thanks Lindy-Lizzie for another brilliant weekend, sign me up for next year! xxx – Jen

thanks for a lovely sat night.. so grateful that i could drop by! – Dawn

Thanks Lizzie! I had an amazing time! And thankyou brighton leads! So many fantastic dances!!! x -Rose

Thank YOU, Lizzie! It was a great time. Next time I’ll make sure to stay longer to stick around for the bowling : ) ! -Liza

Thanks for organising another fantastic weekend of swing ! X -Mike

fantastic weekend Lizzie, so glad i finally manged to get to one, looking forward to next year already. Thanks for all your hard work! x – Simon

Thank you Lindy-Lizzie for an exceptional weekend – couldn’t have asked for better teachers. Also, what an amazing lead:follow ratio!! Xx – Faraday

Thank you Lizzie for the last minute Sunday ticket…another wonderful day of teaching and bowling fun smile emoticon looking forward to the Balboa Festival coming up xxx -Sharron

Thanks Lizzie, fantastic smile emoticon Very grateful xxx – Kirsten

Yeah Lizzie it was great I finally got back on the scene and learnt lots of new stuff thanks! X – Al

Thank you so much Lizzie for a really enjoyable weekend. Will definitely be back next year. xx – Kerry

Thanks so much Lizzie! The weekend was amazing, will definitely have to come again next year! x – Kelly

Thanks Lizzie for a really lovely weekend x – Joanne

Thank you for an amazing weekend! And especially for including the girls! Xxxx – Gitte

LOVELY lizzie, keep being your wonderful self. Thank you for such great organisation and care. xx Trisha
Well done Lizzie it was awesome! Thank you for organising it all- Rob