Tickets are sold as Lead & Follow, irrespective of gender. 
Tickets are non refundable but are exchangeable.


There are three levels of Lindy Hop class.

Level one– You may be completely new to dancing, or you may have learnt a few six count moves or eight count moves, and now you want some more! Don’t worry, you will be safe in the hands of our teachers.

Level two– You can do a Swing Out, dance in time, now maybe looking for some styling and an easier way into Tandem Charleston. Maybe looking for fluidity in you dance and ideas to be more musical too.

Level three– You have danced Lindyhop for over two years and regularly attend your local advance class/perform/attend festivals. Tandem Charleston is a piece of cake, you even have at least seven variations of the Texas Tommy, but you also know the importance of a connection/style/basics/spin technique class.

The event has a maximum of 100 people, which means you will get lots of one to one contact time with the teachers.